best essential oils soap making

The best essential oils soap making are somewhat limited. Meaning that there are lots to pick from but some don’t smell that great perhaps, and some get very expensive. At my store we decided to place a price limit on our scents, that being a maximum of $100 per 32 oz bottle. Fact is, the scent of your soap is approximately half the cost of your finished bar.

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Best essential oils soap making are:

For example, an unscented bar cost us 27 cents in materials (okay, about 10 years ago)! We also decided to limit the cost of making a soap to one dollar or less. Although my last batch of Patchouli cost $1.09 a bar.

  • Anise ($74.00 L)
  • Basil ($66.00 L)
  • Cinnamon Leaf ($58.00)
  • Citronella ($50.00)
  • Clove Leaf ($76.00)
  • Eucalyptus, Lemon ($56.00)
  • Eucalyptus ($38.00 and up)
  • Fennel ($84.00)
  • Juniper ($80.00)
  • Lavender ($52.00 and up)
  • Lemon ($56.00)
  • Lemongrass ($42.00)
  • Lime ($94.00)
  • Orange, Sweet ($34.00)
  • Orange, 5-fold ($52.00)
  • Peppermint ($62.00)
  • Rosemary ($82.00)
  • Spearmint ($88.00)
  • Tea Tree ($84.00)
  • Ylang-Ylang ($102.00)


There are still some essential oils in the $100/L maximum zone, being:

  • Spruce
  • Litsea Cubeba
  • Fir Needle
  • Clementine, Cypress
  • Cedarwood
  • Birch
  • and Bergamot
  • but these may not make the best soap all by itself.

Also, essential oils tend to have different strengths, which can be really noticeable with Lavenders. I used to get the Bulgarian version as it tended to be stronger. Yet some Lavenders tend to be more floral than others. Hence getting a Lavender 40/42 blend works out well.

When starting out, it may seem expensive, but it may be feasible in the long run to order lots of smaller bottles. This way you can smell the scent before spending big money on bigger sizes. If you can visit the supplier and smell everything – perfect:

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These are similar to the large 1 Liter/32 oz aluminum bottles that lined my shelves at the soap store, I miss them, lol:

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Get the final costs of making a bar of soap here. These are from my notes of cost per bar, plus label, plus time (at a minimum wage cost).

I got the prices above from a North American supplier, FPI,  that deals in wholesale to other businesses and required a tax number, but these were the best prices around. But you’ll need smaller supplies to smaller sizes too.

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