The best scented bar soaps at my store were not necessarily the all natural ones. It is a common mistake that consumers and customers make that if it is made with vegetable oils then the rest of the soap is natural too. This is not true.

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In the beginning, I made only essential oil soaps. Unfortunately, I would get requests for all sorts of scents and fragrances not were not natural. Surprisingly, I would have people insist that the Jasmine bar that they bought from somewhere was all natural. Unless you paid $300 for the bar, it wasn’t. Because essential oils and fragrances involves some learning and research, most people are unaware. Just like I was. Unfortunately, this is what unscrupulous soap makers are counting on when they sell you soap.¬† Even places where I have bought soap, I’ve seen them start offering fragrance oil based scents because of the demand. Here’s the top selling scent, Egyptian Musk, in a perfume:

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The top ten of the best scented bar soaps:

(the top 3 sellers were fragrances, and * indicates all natural with essential oils)

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These are in the top 11 – 20 of best scented bar soaps:

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We also had seasonal favorites that were best sellers:

  • Entomophobia * (summer, bug repellent)
  • Redneck or Cowboy (summer – tourists)(sandalwood and beer)
  • Cowgirl (summer – tourists)(sandalwood and jasmine)
  • Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh (Christmas)
  • Christmas Spice * (aka Orange Spice, Christmas)
  • Candy Cane * (aka peppermint, but with red swirl, Christmas)

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This list consists of other soap scents we sold, they just weren’t in the top 20:

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And the list of the NOT best scented bar soaps that we kept testing but eventually discontinued:

  • Lime (not popular by itself)
  • Maple Sugar (too sweet?)
  • Cherry-Cola (I don’t know, more for kids?)
  • Cucumber (disappearing scent)
  • Grapefruit¬† (disappearing scent)
  • Pumice and Orange * (preferred the Oatmeal Orange)
  • Bumbleberry (random mix of fruit scents)
  • Unscented * (they kept asking for it, would even smell it, just didn’t sell)
  • Crab Apple (green apple and lime)
  • Goats Milk (has an earthy type smell)
  • Magnolia (was just not floral)
  • Mocha Latte (great in the Kitchen Bar, just not by itself)
  • Orange * (great in almost every bar but not by itself)
  • Peppermint * (good in a foot lotion, and as Candy Cane)
  • Blackberry (not by itself)
  • Ylang-Ylang * (kinda earthy scent)

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Synthetic un-natural chemical fragrances can cause health problems like headaches, more here.

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