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The following is a list of all natural soap colorants for soap and other bath products. The natural-ness of soap and bath products is literally ruined by the usage of un-natural colorants. We and other soap makers create these natural vegetable oil based soap, scented with essential oils, then add synthetic colorants. That leaves us with the option of natural ones.

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Here is a list of all natural soap colorants and the color they create:

  • Alfalfa, dried and ground  – medium green
  • Alkanet – infuse in oil first – muted blue to a deep purple
  • Annatto seed – infuse in oil first, yellow to orange
  • Beet root – to a squash yellow
  • Calendula petals, ground – yellow
  • carrots, shredded or ground – yellow to gold to orange
  • chamomile, dried and ground – yellow to beige
  • chlorophyll, liquid – pastel green to dark green
  • chocolate – tan to brown
  • cocoa powder – tan to brown
  • cinnamon, can be an irritant – tan to brown
  • cloves, ground – brown
  • cochineal or carmine, powdered, from a ground beetle, yuck – deep red
  • coffee or coffee grounds – brown to black
  • coffee, instant – brown to black
  • comfrey root – light brown
  • cucumber – bright green
  • curry powder – yellow
  • elderberries, infuse in lye solution first – light brown
  • henna, ground – olive to khaki green to brown
  • indigo root, can stain – pastel blue to deep blue
  • kaolin clay – white
  • kelp or seaweed – green
  • madder root – pink to red to purple
  • red clay, Moroccan – brick red
  • paprika, can be an irritant – light peach to salmon
  • poppy seeds – blue-grey to being black specks
  • pumice, ground – grey
  • pumpkin, pureed – deep orange
  • rattanjot – lavender to purple
  • pink clay – pastal pink
  • safflower, petals – yellow to deep orange
  • saffron – yellows
  • sage, dried and ground – green
  • spearmint, dried and ground – green to brown
  • spinach, dried and ground – light green
  • spirulina or blue-green algae – bluey-green
  • titanium dioxide – bright white
  • turmeric – gold to amber to orange

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Here’s a page on synthetic colorants, the laws, the government, the confusion.

Still not sure about synthetic colors and safety, check out this watchdog’s report on green oxides.

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