cocoa butter skin benefits

My favorite cocoa butter skin benefit is the natural-ness of it. The color, the smell, the easy melting, the glossy feel, and the super moisturizing abilities that it leaves on your skin. I’ve used cocoa butter in a lot of my natural products that I sold at my little store. This includes as a superfatting for soap, lotions, lip balm, body butter and grated into bath salts.


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all natural cocoa butter, a creamy yellow color butter that is a solid


Cocoa butter comes from a bean, that really looks like a large pod. These are cut open, the butter and cocoa powder are extracted, then fermented, roasted and crushed, then separated into the butter and the powder and the nibs. It’s 2 main uses are for skin care and chocolate.

Cocoa butter skin benefit are:

  • it’s a high-oxidant food
  • a healthy saturated fat like coconut oil
  • prevents skin dryness and peeling
  • hypo-allergenic
  • emollient, holds in moisture
  • fights signs of aging
  • improves elasticity and skin tone
  • soothes agitated skin
  • alternative to shaving cream
  • increases immunity

The following image is of cocoa butter, but this version is white due to deodorizing. Some skin care creators do not want the scent of the cocoa butter in the finished product. I say that the less processing of anything is better, and perhaps that deodorizing method is also destroying some of the important benefits.

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Please don’t fall for the marketing on a product such as this. Vaseline is made from crude oil, it is a petroleum product, just like gas and motor oil. The negatives from the paraffin wax or mineral oil will certainly outweigh any positives of the low amount of cocoa butter in this jar.

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The cocoa butter skin benefit can be felt in our lip balm recipe here. PENDING

Get more info at Wikipedia on the science, manufacturing and cocoa butter skin benefit of this amazing tropical plant.

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