whipped shea butter recipe

Make your own creamy Whipped Shea Butter recipe at home. Super easy with the minimal of ingredients. Shea Butter or Shea-nut Butter is a light yellow to ivory colored butter, with a nutty scent. From the Karite tree, and is historically, and now therapeutically, reported to have considerable healing properties.

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The creamy whipped shea butter recipe:


  • 4 oz UNrefined shea butter
  • 1 – 1.5 oz liquid carrier oil like jojoba or rose hip
  • 20 drops to 1/4 tsp essential oil, your choice (I tend to go overboard with essential oils)
  • 1/4 tsp Vitamin E – optional
  • 1/16th of a tsp of mica – optional
  • jars – 5 oz of raw ingredients will turn into approx 8 oz of finished butter


  • Now, some people melt the butter and some don’t, sometimes melting causes a grainy shea butter
  • I melted mine with no problem
  • so if you heat yours, do that on very low heat
  • add the liquid carrier oil
  • when the butter/oil is cooled (may need to refrigerate) then start whipping with a hand blender
  • OR put in freezer for 20 minutes
  • the butter/oil mix needs to be thick enough to NOT be pour-able, and NOT see through
  • add essential oils and/or Vitamin E and/or mica
  • mix on high speed for 5 minutes
  • presto! put into jars

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Other considerations:

  • keep the whipped shea in a cool place
  • high temps and sunlight will melt it
  • it will soften and maybe separate a little over time, but still usable
  • or just whip it up again
  • because there is no water, there should be no future mold
  • germs on your hands could contaminate it, either have just washed hands or use a popsicle stick
  • unrefined shea butter will still have it’s natural properties intact, an odorless and white butter will have been chemically deodorized and bleached.

The following images show the finished creamy whipped shea butter recipe. You can make a nice swirl decoration on the top, some people use cake decorating frosting bags with the line making tips. Also, on the lower image is the finished product with a clear label, showing customers a full view of the whipped butter.

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You could take an ounce of shea nut butter out of your recipe and add cocoa butter instead. Same goes with the carrier oils, you select the one you want, I would probably not use olive oil because of the shininess it leaves on the skin – unless you want that of course. More on the benefits of cocoa butter here.

Let’s do the math, one pound of shea butter is about $16.00, so that’s $1.00 per ounce. If your 5.5 ounces turns into 8 ounces, that’s $0.69 per ounce, plus the cost of the scent (pennies). Add 4 oz. jar with lid for say, $2.00, plus 4 x $0.69 = $2.76, for a grand total of $4.76 per jar. You can probably get a jar a little cheaper (try a drug store and not soap supplier).

Everything you could possibly want to know about shea butter, here on Wikipedia.

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