sugar scrubs

Get free sugar scrub recipes below, and see how easy these bath products can be to do at home. When we made sugar scrubs at the store, we tested recipes and learned a few things. We had also made salt scrubs, but those were not as popular. I used one once and if you have a tiny sore or cut – that salt will find it!

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Awesome idea! Pink Lemonade sugar scrub.

In list form, we learned the following through our testing of ingredients:

  • don’t use salt, it dries you skin and finds paper cuts
  • the oils tend to sink to the bottom of the jar
  • if it is too oily, it’s hard to use, feel like just oil and not a scrub
  • the brown sugar scent doesn’t compliment every essential oil or fragrance oil
  • especially lavender
  • use the turbinado or plantation sugar, its has a nice medium color & milder sugar scent
  • if you use too much colorant, people will be dyed
  • essential oils do not last as long as fragrance oils, the scent degrades
  • if in plastic containers, the product will turn bad quicker, the scented oils degrade the plastic
  • use glass jars

the free sugar scrub recipes:

  • 3 c of raw plantation sugar
  • 3/4 c massage oil base (that recipe here, or use your favorite carrier oil)
  • 4 – 5 tsp of your scent, scent strengths will vary
  • 1/4 tsp of color, aim for a pastel shade

That’s basically it, other than be creative!  You could try layering, or adding clays. Think outside the box, perhaps ground coffee beans – some of those wrinkle creams have coffee in them.

The image below shows how oily a scrub can be, and some people like them this way. This method prevents the appearance of the oils separately when the oils sink to the bottom half. Nice low profile jars for reaching into.

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Very pretty example of tinting your scrub the color of the scent, like Lavender. how to make sugar scrubs, how to make sugar scrub, home to make homemade body scrub, make sugar scrub grapeseed oil, make sugar scrubs sell

Here’s some great information on essential oils with therapeutic properties, such as calming, or energizing.

Maybe consider jojoba oil as your sugar scrub oil, get a list of jojoba’s benefits here.

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