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We created homemade solid perfume recipes at our store, and scented them with the top 10 scents or scent blends. These little pots were cute, inexpensive, and people liked the aspect of putting perfume exactly where they wanted and not have to spray it everywhere. The little pots cost approximately 50 cents to $2 depending on the style and material. I noticed that the little hard plastic ones tended to break easy, so use the larger white lip balm pots or little tins.

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very nicely designed tin

the homemade solid perfume recipes are:

  • 1 oz beeswax
  • 5 oz sweet almond oil
  • drops of essential oils and/or fragrance oil
  • depending on the scent, and the amount, you may have to tweet this recipe, to make it harder or softer, but that’s easy to do, just reheat.

The harder part may be to get the liquid into the little pots without spilling and before it solidifies too much. If it does get too solid, a few second in the microwave will make it pour-able again.  When fragrances are heated up, natural or not, they smell a lot stronger than when the product finally cools.

About packaging:

The Pacific tin at the top of the page is really awesome. This type of pot would be specially ordered to have the printing done right on the tin at the manufacturers.

The following Island Soap solid perfume tin is absolutely beautiful! This is a regular tin, with very pretty custom made labels. You could get very similar labels done at vista print.

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Other options for your solid perfumes. Earlier I mentioned little pots that would break, it was very similar to the round black lidded one in the image. We also tried the one under that, a clear hinged pot, but that too was a little fragile. So go tin all the way.

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If you are selling these, then a musk scent is the way to go. Our Egyptian Musk was the best selling scent of everything, and the most toxic. Our natural solid perfumes that we sold were Lavender, Patchouli, and Vanilla.

Trying to find supplies, like those tins? Here’s a link to finding soap and lotion supplies.

Natural perfumes can’t always duplicate the scent of those stupidly expensive famous fragrances. But the whole point of making it yourself is to go as natural as possible. Here is a link about nasty fragrances.

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