massage & bath oil

You can easily make homemade massage oil and customize it with your favorite scents. At the store, our motto was ‘as natural as possible’, because not every wonderful smell in the world can be obtained from a natural essential oil. We had many compliments on our massage and bath oil base. Other companies tended to use just sweet almond oil for their base. Yet this carrier oil is thick and gets absorbed quickly, meaning more is now needed to finish that massage. We used some sweet almond oil for the skin care benefits.

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make homemade massage oil recipe:

  • 3 parts sunflower oil
  • 1 part grape seed oil
  • 1 part sweet almond oil

We would make 4 Liter/1 gallon jugs of this base, then take a certain amount to make a batch of a specific scented bath or massage oil.

For scenting, generally it was 1 tablespoon of essential oil or fragrance oil per 10 oz of oil base. The scented bath, body and massage oils we carried in the store were:

  • Egyptian musk
  • Egyptian musk and sandalwood
  • lavender
  • life’s a beach
  • sandalwood
  • vanilla
  • deja vu
  • lavender and orange
  • blackberry and orange
  • and glow in the dark!  it was a glow in the dark mica that we added to any bottle. The mica would settle to the bottom, so to see the effects, shake the bottle and the mica is dispersed.

We carried 2, 4 and 8 oz sizes of bottles, and no particular size outsold the other sizes. At first we had white peel and stick labels that we made. Later we had frosted clear sticky labels that looked way better.  We had bottles just like the ones below, but with the frosted label that covered approximately half of the bottle face. These labels below would be professional made, and look very, very nice, especially with the color coding for each scent.

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Not to be promoting cannabis use but I love these bottles. These massage oils are also infused with therapeutic THC and put in glass bottles. We also had these bottles for our lotions. These are a pump action bottle, and again, I love this style of labels.

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We developed some therapeutic essential oil blends over the years, and these would be perfect for any massage or bath oil. Those blend recipes can be found here.

Let the Mayo Clinic inform you of all the medicinal benefits found in massage therapy.

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