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Create it yourself with this make lotion bars recipe, also known as a massage melt or massage bar. It is the natural cocoa butter that makes this body product so in demand. When applied to skin, it slowly melts, bringing the super moisturizing abilities and chocolate-like smell that everyone loves.¬† We made a few varieties of this lotion bar, from unscented and floral lavender, to the fun scent of Life’s a Beach.

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simple, plain, and easy lotion bars

make lotion bars recipe – really simple:

  • 9 oz cocoa butter
    1 oz shea butter
    1 T essential oils or fragrance – optional
    herbs, flower petals – optional
    melted on low heat, pour into molds, place in fridge for 12 hours
  • if placed in freezer, this causes more of a dip in the center of the bar

Probably the most difficult part was getting the lotion bars out of the molds without chipping or leaving marks or fingerprints. Tin foil or aluminum foil, of a tin or metal container is a must, as any other wrapping would cause heat from your hands to start melting the product.

You can scent these any way you like, usually sultry scents like sandalwood or musk, or relaxing scents such as orange or lavender. If you do had herbs or plant material, I know it will look really beautiful, but if the bar is rubbed directly on to the skin, the material may feel scratchy.

This first lotion bar below is nicely labeled and wrapped in a metal tin. These  cost anywhere from 50 cents to $2. This container helps contain the melting lotion after use. It can placed back easily into the tin. This bar is 100% natural with sunflower oil as the primary oil, which is good, this means the lotion bar will melt a little faster in your hands, plus the sunflower oil will have more range, being thinner in context than cocoa butter.

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Or should you go with a tube? This is also an all natural lotion bar, below, with the addition of orange essential oil. The chocolate scent portion is derived naturally from the cocoa butter. Again, this will help contain the melting portions, unlike if you had to wrap it up in foil again. I know, cause that’s how we did ours, lol.

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Get some more great information on the healing and health aspects of cocoa butter, here.

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