mineral bath salts

You can make mineral bath salts fairly easy. The trick is to make it look like it’s complicated and no one else could make it easy themselves. People or customers see a bag of Epsom salts and think they could do this themselves. Time to get really creative!

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simple but elegant way to package your bath salts

The big decisions will be:

  • make therapeutic mineral salts, or
  • make fun bath salts
  • types of salts: Himalayan, Epson and/or Dead Sea
  • which plant materials to add
  • what essential oils, or
  • fragrance oils
  • add grated cocoa butter?
  • or clay?
  • colorants
  • type of containers and sizes
  • baggies or tins or canning jars
  • labeling

We decided to make mineral bath salts to increase our product line.  These were not the best sellers in the store, except maybe the Egyptian Musk and Life’s a Beach. Then again, ours was basic looking, with pastel tinting. The image below is from our store, from a multi-pack of mineral bath salts, that were in a little wooden box, made for the Xmas season.

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make mineral bath salts recipe:

  • 2 c Epsom salt
  • 2 C course sea salt
  • 1 c fine sea salt
  • 2 c course mineral salt
  • the scents we used were: blackberry and orange, Egyptian Musk, Lavender, Life’s a Beach, Rose is a Rose, and Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Here are a couple of creative ideas. These milk bottles and layers and nice colors. Twine to attach a little wooden scoop and fairly simple labels.

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Below, these mineral salts in the tubes have added herbs, spices and flower petals. I also had these type of containers for bath salts, considered a one-use size, and shows all the ingredients. These were fairly inexpensive, less than jars, plus the labeling is smaller and no scoop to supply. A customer told us once that she liked our bath salts because we didn’t have plant material in them. She added that she had some very pretty rose bath salts with dried rose petals but then had these petals stuck all over her tub – but I wouldn’t mention that to prospective customers, lol.

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Mineral salts or sea salts can both be drying to skin. Cocoa butter is the perfect moisturizing element to add to the salts, just grate with a regular kitchen grater and toss in with the salts. More on cocoa butter and skin benefits here.

Here’s an article on the differences between various salts, from table to the Himalayas.

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