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beautiful choice in bottles and labels, wow!

One of the funnest, easiest and probably cheapest things at the store was to make your own perfume oils. We usually bottled up the top 10 best selling soap scents into perfume oils. These were fairly popular and were sold for $9.95 each.

how to make your own perfume oils:

  • Basically there is no recipe, exactly, but you’ll need:
  • jojoba oil as the carrier, it has a matte finish and is considered hypo-allergenic
  • essential oils, and/or…
  • fragrance oils
  • you can get unique by adding something to the bottle that won’t rot (like real flowers petals)
  • but you could add fake ones
  • be creative, like a tropical scent perfume could have a piece of beach glass inside
  • the scent : carrier oil ratio is 20% – 25% : 100% of the volume, the volume in a typical roller ball is 10 ml (1/3 oz).

Other need to know stuff:

  • now you need sticky labels, printers have default templates to select from when going to print, video on this is pending
  • sometimes getting those roller tops on are difficult
  • sometimes suppliers change their suppliers, then your new lids won’t fit your old bottles
  • make sure to wipe off any residue oil from the top and/or rim of the bottle, or oil may leak out slowly
  • some fragrances don’t blend in, like a vanilla perfume oil where tiny bubbles of vanilla floated around
  • you can advertise to make special order perfume oils, because that won’t be hard to do, unlike soap

Below are some of the examples of roller ball applicators. Notice some have black, white, or metallic lids, and some bottles are tinted, clear or frosted. During my soap store years, I used the frosted ones like at the top of the page, and (L-R) #1 and #8.

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To ensure minimal spillage, I’d really suggest one of these tiny little funnels. Getting perfume oil on anywhere where the roller ball top contacts the inner neck of the bottle, may cause a future leak, like a passage way. There are also these mini turkey-basting-like plastic droppers, called pipettes.  These are often used for filling small bottles, considered one-use, but inexpensive.

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You could make your own perfume oil with healing essential oil blends, more here.

Here is a good example of where a perfume oil could go! Very nice labeling, kudos on the extra packaging – that tube packaging is amazing (I’m impressed).  And it sells for $45. Wow.

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