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Beer soap making, it can be complicated. We made a beer soap at the store, and because we live in cattle country, we called it Redneck. Supposed we should have called it Cowboy, but most of the customers were tourists and to them, we are in the middle of nowhere. With last century technology. First you have to let your beer get flat, we want no carbonation. Also, after the carbonation is gone, you are going to freeze the beer into ice-cubes. This coldness will help the lye/water solution to not volcano, like it did to me once.

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There are many labels for this type of soap. Besides just Beer Soap, there is Redneck, and Cowboy. If you live inĀ  a brewery town, I’d use that beer. I’d stick with as local as possible for the beer selection, people want to know that there maybe favorite beer can also be a soap. No local beer, then pick a best seller.

Beer soap making recipe:

  • 51.2 oz Olive Oil or an Olive/Canola blend
    6.2 oz coconut oil
    6.2 oz Palm oil
    23.4 oz cold water – subtract the amount of beer that you will be adding
    8.6 oz lye crystals
    for this scented bar, add:
    1 T of sandalwood fragrance oil
    6 T of lime essential oil
  • other:
  • 1 can of beer, 12 oz, 2 days sitting out, now into ice cubes
  • mix your lye crystals and water like usual, account for less water that the beer will add
  • once lye crystals have dissolved, add the beer cubes one at a time
  • do this in a sink, just in case

Beer soap making stuff to know:

  • beer must be flat, I’ve left mine open and on the counter for 2 days
  • some soap makers will gently heat up the beer so the alcohol evaporates
  • beer and heat makes the volcano, so we are adapting to keeping things cooler
  • I would not make this as your first soap
  • be prepared for a volcano – no it won’t blast out but it will foam over and that is caustic lye/water/beer liquid
  • it did this on my back patio concrete floor, then you have to clean up a caustic mess carefully, without kids and pets getting into it, and a minor bleach spot is left behind
  • NOTE: when my beer soap volcano-ed, I had a higher amount of beer than I had done before. Before I had 1 can to a 500 oz recipe, so you don’t have to use a whole can for this approximately 95 oz base, to get the approx same percentage, that would be about 1/5th of a can
  • the thing is, you don’t have to use all beer, or mostly beer, just a little so you can say that beer is added, you being safe is way more important than making beer soap, because in the end, you can smell the beer a little if no scent is added, but it isn’t the greatest scent, this is why we add fragrances
  • if I were to make this soap tomorrow, I’d have it be 10% of the water
  • and your home will smell like a brewery for a day

This first image is similar to how my beer soap making looked. Nice neutral color with a vertical label:

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This particular company makes different beer soaps with the different beers, the different beers will make naturally different colored soaps. Nicely cut with a horizontal label, and ingredient list: beer soaps, handmade beer soap, beer soap recipe, beer shaving soap,


This beer soap is using a lighter colored beer, hence the lighter soap. Also packaged nicely to prevent damage, with a little window to see the soap:

Here are some labeling ideas from various awesome soap making companies.

Here are what is considered benefits to drinking beer, not sure if I agree with all of them, lol.

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