cherry almond soap recipe

You can also use this cherry almond soap recipe as a cherry cola recipe, which is what I did. I loved the smell and color of this soap, plus loving cherry-cola soda, but this was not a big seller in the store. Types of scents seems to entirely depend on who your customer base is and where you are located. So although it wasn’t a big seller, it had a beautiful rich deep color and the scent held very well.

dial cherry blossom almond hand soap, cherry almond hand soap, cherry blossom scented soap, cherry almond soap recipe Black Cherry soap with a medium pink color, let the scent match the color

Again, this cherry almond soap recipe cannot be made with an essential oil because it does not exist. No such thing as cherry essential oil, or cola essential oil or almond essential oil (almond extract, but not for soap purposes).

Color will be a big deal with this soap as well. A cherry or cherry blossom soap generally is a pastel to medium pink shade, maybe some white. Meanwhile a cherry almond soap tends to be pastel with perhaps a little more tan or pink or even black. Then a cherry cola tends to take on darker colors, from pink to dark pink with black and red swirls.

Cherry Cola, Cherry Blossom, or Cherry Almond soap recipe

Using basic #1 recipe (or select a different base recipe here)
51.2 oz Olive oil or an Olive/Canola blend
6.2 oz coconut oil
6.2 oz Palm oil
23.4 oz water
8.6 oz lye crystals

for cherry cola:  3.5 T cola fragrance oil AND 1.5 T black cherry fragrance oil

for cherry almond:   1.5 T almond fragrance oil AND 1.5 T black cherry fragrance oil

for cherry blossom: 2 T of black cherry fragrance oil

1.5 tsp liquid red colorant
0.5 tsp liquid purple colorant
OR your choice of color

Step by step directions are here on the directions to make soap page.

cherry almond soap, cherry hand soap, cherry soap, how to make soap, cherry cola soap A more naturally tinted looking soap, with the 2 colors representing the 2 scents

The scent beginnings may start out sorta natural, but takes an un-natural turn, more here at Wikipedia.

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