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One of the funnest soaps made at the store was the glow in the dark soap recipe. I’d say the more difficult task was to decide what to scent it. The image below is a melt and pour or glycerin soap, so it is clear except for the glow-able mica.

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the glow in the dark soap recipe:

NOTE: you can cut this recipe in halves or quarters to make smaller batches. You don’t have to use any Canola Oil, but if you use all Canola Oil your soap will develop spots.

  • Basic #2 Recipe: (other basic recipes here)
    51.2 oz Olive Oil or Olive/Canola oil blend
    6.2 oz Coconut Oil
    6.2 oz Palm Oil
    23.4 water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
    for this scented bar, add:
  • 1 – 2 T of coconut fragrance oil
  • 1 1/2 T lime-cilantro fragrance oil
  • OR 1 – 2 T of whatever you think, cotton candy perhaps
  • 1/4 tsp of hydrated green oxide to the base, mix in 1 cup of base first, then back to pot
  • other:
    1 T of glow in the dark phosphorescent mica, mix in 1 -2 cups of base first, then for pouring into mold

When you buy phosphorescent mica, it look look like this image below. The one that I had bought was more of a pastel yellow-lime color, which gave off a similar yellow-lime type of glow in the dark.

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The process of adding the glowing mica portion:

The runnier your glow in the dark soap recipe base is, the more it will mix when you pour colors into it. Which is great if you are wanting 2 – 3 colors nicely mixed. For this soap, I needed the base to be thicker so my glowing strip of soap base did not sink to the bottom. So when my base was thicker, but still pourable, I put it in the mold – without the glowing soap base. Then take your cup of glowing soap base and gently pour that in the middle and down the length of the soap mold. If the thickness is just right, your bead of glowing soap base will sink to just under the top, but not hit bottom. Then when you cut into bars, there is your ball of glowing soap center in the middle of the bar! If it sits on the top, that’s okay too.

Another method would be to pour half of the soap base into the mold. Spoon a layer of the glowing soap base next, then gently spoon the rest of the soap base on top. This should give you a well defined line of glowing soap across the middle of the bar.

This image shows what the soap looks like not in the dark glowing:

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Wikipedia has a good, not too scientific, article on what makes a phosphorescent powder.

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