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At our store, there were two favorite soap scents for men, and those were the Lime-Cilantro and the handmade Sandalwood soap. It is also these two scents that we scented our shaving soaps with. This Sandalwood scent was also the scent I used to make some very manly soaps, lol, such as Redneck soap with beer, and Cowboy soap. We also mixed Sandalwood with Jasmine to make a Cowgirl soap.

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Amazing looking bar with the 4 tones!

handmade sandalwood soap recipe:

  • Basic #2 recipe: (other soap bases here)
    51.2 oz Olive oil or an Olive/Canola blend
    6.2 oz Coconut oil
    6.2 oz Palm oil
    23.4 oz water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
  • for this scented bar, add:
    2 T of sandalwood fragrance oil
  • colorant:
    1/2 tsp of cocoa powder for the base, and
    1/2 tsp cocoa powder for the swirl
  • Remember to mix the base color in one cup of base, mix well, and add back in
  • For the swirl, mix in one cup of base first, then drizzle and stir gently back into the soap once poured into the molds
  • for a shaving bar:
  • ¬†add 3 tablespoons of bentonite clay, first mix very well in one cup of base then mix back into the soap base. Do this before adding the color.

If you are looking for an all natural Sandalwood Soap made with sandalwood essential oil, you can forget it, unless it is about $150.00 a bar. Sandalwood essential oil is made from the sandalwood tree, but the only way to get it is from the wood of the tree. Meaning the tree needs to be chopped down and this raises concerns to the environmentally conscious.

Design ideas:

The image below shows a natural looking bar. A neutral base with the brown swirl to represent the sandalwood scent. This is similar to how I made my Sandalwood bars.

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Below is a very artistic version of a Sandalwood soap bar. This would be made with a light tinted layer, then a layer of black or charcoal soap base, then a layer of brown. See there is also a little of the black on the top too. This would have been poured with the soap was fairly thick, then a tool (chopstick?) would have been used to drag up the black soap.

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Another beautiful version of the Sandalwood scent. This one called Moroccan Sandalwood, not that Moroccan Sandalwood has a different color, just trying to make this one different from all the other Sandalwoods.

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Another of the popular scents was when we added sandalwood to a musk. This was called Egyptian Musk, and was hands down the top best seller at our store. Unfortunately there are numerous scents with this same name, but you’ll know when you smell it, there is nothing like it.

About the sandalwood tree, lots of great info on Wikipedia.
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