hemp soap

We made a hemp soap as well, and tested all sorts of various scents. Perhaps if we stuck to one scent, a popular but different than the others, we may have sold more. One of the things soap makers do is look on the internet for scent combinations to try. This is what we did for our hemp bar, and hence we should have created something unique ourselves, lol.

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simple yet perfect, a nice green color with hemp seeds sprinkled on top

You can add certain things to make this soap look more interesting. Perhaps adding hemp leaves to the soap base, they will burn a little but still look awesome. Adding seeds to the top, like the image above, easy to do. Or treat it like any other soap variety and add oatmeal or clay. My recipe below used basil and orange essential oils but that wasn’t overly popular. Whereas more soap makers use patchouli, for a traditional hippie-pot-head typical theme.  This recipe included using hemp oil as a superfat, instead of in the base where it gets saponified.

hemp soap recipe

  • Basic #2 recipe: (you can select a different base here)
    51.2 oz Olive oil or an Olive/Canola blend
    6.2 oz coconut oil
    6.2 oz Palm oil
    23.4 oz water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
  • AND 1 1/2 T of hemp seed oil to add at trace
    for this scented bar, add:
    2 tsp basil essential oil
  • 4 T of orange essential oil
  • but like I said, basil essential oil probably wasn’t the best choice, so switch it for patchouli.
  • Colorant:
  • 1 tsp hydrated green oxide, mixed in 1 cup of base first, or make it a solid green

The following bar is a nice neutral color, meaning it has no colorant. Sometimes simple is better.

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This following bar has tinted the base then added blobby swirls of a darker green. This is also a pretty bar, and I really like the simplicity of the label. make hemp soap at home, make hemp oil soap, making homemade soaps, hemp oil bath soap, hemp oil and skin care

What is superfatting soap? It’s a nice way to add extra moisturizing qualities to soap that doesn’t get saponified into the soap process. Which makes a nicer bar, check out more on superfatting here.

Great info here on the natural and healing properties of hemp oil aka hemp seed oil.

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