the 3 Christmas soaps

You can make you own homemade Christmas soap recipes at home, for way less than buying. At my store, Christmas was our biggest season of the year. We created 3 special Christmas soaps that were hands-down a great seller. If you haven’t made soap before, check out the soap equipment basics here, and the directions to make soap here. I suppose you could always take that not-soap-really short cut and use melt and pour/glycerine soap. In one way it’s less likely to go wrong and it still keeps the costs down over buying soap.

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The above image are the 3 Christmas soaps that I had at my store. Unfortunately, you can’t see the beautiful gold mica sparkle on the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh soap (it’s normally a tan and brown swirl bar). The following are the soap recipes and the links for their more detailed pages:

The Number 1 best seller was the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh soap. If I were to make 100 bars for Christmas, I’d make 50 of them this scent and sparkle.  Seriously, go and click on the links to the other pages, and you’ll see lots of examples of how professional soap makers have made their Christmas soaps.

Next in the Number 2 spot, is the Christmas Spice soap, with the orange, cinnamon and clove scent. If I were making 100 bars again, I’d make 35 of them Christmas Spice. Nice thing about the Christmas Spice scent, is that after Christmas you can replace the label with Orange Spice and continue selling it.

In 3rd place, is the peppermint scented Candy Cane soap. It’s not my favorite either, and didn’t sell that well over the rest of the year. It would sell better if scented with other scents such as Spearmint or Lemongrass. Again, out of that 100, I’d make 15 bars.

Of course if you are going to box up your homemade Christmas soap recipes, then make more. Boxed sets sell well, but so do the single bars when a customer is looking for a little gift for Christmas, they’d rather get one very Christmas-y bar like the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Here are some more ideas for homemade Christmas soap recipes:

  • eggnog
  • evergreen trees
  • pumpkin pie
  • snowflake (unscented, touch of lavender)
  • gingerbread
  • cranberry

Also, people are looking for a quick fix for the Christmas shopping. If that boxed set is wrapped with a bow, it will sell.  If selling just one bar, put it in a small cello bag with a red ribbon – have it ready to go! It’s all psychology, if you give them a Christmas-y soap for $5, they’ll be happier than if you gave a $5 gift card.

Regarding the selling prices for packaging, if it was the boxed set and that box costs you $2.00, then add $2.00 over the cost of buying 3 bars. I generally cello bagged things for free.

Here are some more great ideas on making your home smell like Christmas.

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