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This homemade lavender soap recipe was definitely in the Top 10 best selling bars. The bonus is that it was also one of the easiest to make. At the store, in order to keep costs within a budget, it was decided that a liter/large bottle of any essential oil had to be under $100, and lavender is definitely one of them, at $85 a liter or 34 oz bottle.

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a nice solid mauve color for this lavender bar!

make this natural homemade lavender soap recipe for a fraction of the cost of buying

  • Basic #2 Recipe: (other recipes here)
    51.2 oz Olive oil or Olive/Canola oil blend
    6.2 oz Coconut Oil
    6.2 oz Palm Oil
    23.4 water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
    for this scented bar, add:
  • 3 T lavender essential oil
    colorant: optional
    1/2 tsp deep blue, which turned purple
  • other: optional
  • 1/4 cup, approx., of lavender flower petals – optional

NOTE: you can cut this recipe in halves or quarters to make smaller batches. You don’t have to use any Canola Oil, but if you use all Canola Oil your soap will develop spots. A Canola and Olive oil blend will help cut the costs.

In the image below, if adding lavender flowers petals to your soap base, these will burn a little and turn into a brown-ish color. Some people love the homemade and natural look of the petals in their soap, and some don’t. If you are planning on selling your soap, I’d test both types and see what sells better.

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Below is another way to create your homemade lavender soap recipe. This soap bar is tinted darker with the petal added at trace:

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Here’s another way to be as natural as possible with your homemade lavender soap recipe. These very pretty bars have the lavender petals added at trace, no colorant, then little branches of lavender flowers added to the packaging:

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About this inexpensive yet therapuetic essential oil:

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a field of beautiful and floral lavender


Lavender essential oil generally comes from France, Bulgaria, Spain and the US. The scent strength will vary a lot between these. I used to order a lavender 40/42 blend, which means that it was a blend of differing lavenders. Some lavender scents are faint and floral, and some are strong and less floral. Any 40/42 or other blend is usually a safe bet you’ll get a strong yet floral scent blend.

Grow some lavender yourself! a great do-it-yourself link here.

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