blackberry sage soap

How to make blackberry sage soap naturally. There is no such thing as blackberry essential oil, but there is sage essential oil. So if a soapmaker tells you that the blackberry anything soap is all natural – they are lying. I see this a lot in the soap world. This bar was probably in the top ten of best sellers. It had a unique scent blend and was a pretty bar.

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This is how I made my blackberry sage bars, a nice neutral green color with the specks of sage leaves

I bought a blackberry sage fragrance oil blend and it was a good selling bar. I think the two reasons for this is, 1) the scent was an earthy scent that both men and women liked, and 2) people often select soap on the color so it will match their bathroom. A lot of people must have had green accented bathrooms.

make blackberry sage soap

Basic #2 with Olive Oil (and/or Canola oil), and Coconut oils (no palm oils):

  • 51.2 oz of Canola/Olive oil blend
  • 12.8 oz of coconut oil
  • 23.4 oz water
  • 8.7 lye crystals
  • for the scent:
  • 1 tsp of sage essential oil
  • 3 T blackberry sage fragrance oil
  • for coloring:
  • 1/2 tsp of hydrated green oxide
  • 1/4 tsp of chromium green oxide
  • 2 T of dried sage leaves
  • mix the dried color powders in one cup of base and re-enter to pot and mix well
  • mix the dried sage in one cup of base and re-enter to pot and mix well
  • pour into the mold, cover
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This blackberry sage would be a lot of work, but it sure looks beautiful


The above image would involve the following steps:

  • the base as usual, adding green and purple soap base separately, and mixing gently
  • then adding a layer of purple soap base
  • then a layer of the untinted soap base
  • slicing up previously made green and purple bars to create little swirly pieces and embedding these into the still warm soap base
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One of my Blackberry Sage soaps, the blackish spot is from what was to be a purple swirl representing the blackberry scent

Here’s a recipe for the second best selling soap at my store, Blackberry Orange, it smells happy!

Awesome Dr. Axe article on the dangers of synthetic scents, just like blackberry.

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