citrus soap

You can make citrus scent soap like any other soap, except that the citrus essential oils all have a tendency to lose their scent fairly quick. Grapefruit is probably the worst for losing scent, then orange, then lime, then lemon. So if making a citrus bar, add a little lemongrass essential oil, as this will bring a lemon scent that will stay.

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a beautiful citrus bar with the addition of calendula petals, nicely wrapped too

If you do make a citrus bar with orange essential oil and want to ensure a great scent by adding more scent, then you may want to use one of my recipes made specifically for a high volume of essential oils. This link below will take you to the basic soap recipe page and you’ll find 2 recipes that will work.

Make citrus scent soap recipe:

The regularly used recipe: (check those other recipes too)
51.2 oz Olive oil or an Olive/Canola blend
6.2 oz coconut oil
6.2 oz Palm oil
23.4 oz water
8.6 oz lye crystals

for this scented bar, add:
6 tsp of grapefruit essential oil
1/4 tsp lemon essential oil (or lemongrass)
1 1/4 tsp lime essential oil
2 1/5 tsp orange essential oil

1/2 tsp liquid yellow color
1/2 tsp liquid orange color
mix each in one cup of base, then pour or drizzle one and stir gently OR chose something different

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nice bold colors to represent the 4 citrus essential oils, very pretty!


The following image shows how pretty a one-color bar can be. Nice label too.

Other scents that go well with citrus are sandalwood (sorta a hippie or 60’s scent), mint – for an even more awakening bar, cinnamon – for a citrus spice, and lavender – for a calming yet uplifting scent.

One warning about citrus essential oils, they should never be put on skin and then exposed to sunlight. This is called photosynthethis and it can cause a serious sunburn. More on this here at Make Scents Spa Line.
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