lilac soap recipe

You can make homemade lilac soap at home, with a fragrance oil. As with other fragrance oils, the difference between fragrance suppliers can be widely varied. I used to have a nice floral lilac in a bar I tinted a light mauve –  kinda like the flowers. Later I order a lilac fragrance oil from a different supplier and it was harsh and sharp smelling.  I ended up selling those bars for 50 cents each, and I’m still surprised they sold.  More on buying fragrance oils and essential oils here.

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beautifully tinted bar, just simple and how I used to make my Lilac soap bar

make homemade lilac soap:

  • Basic #2 Recipe: (other soap base recipes here)
    51.2 oz Olive oil or Olive/Canola oil blend
    6.2 oz Coconut Oil
    6.2 oz Palm Oil
    23.4 water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
    for this scented bar, add:
  • 3T Lilac fragrance oil
    1/2 tsp purple liquid colorant
  • 1/2 tsp black liquid colorant

NOTE: you can cut this recipe in halves or quarters to make smaller batches. You don’t have to use any Canola Oil, but if you use all Canola Oil your soap will develop spots. A Canola and Olive oil blend will help cut the costs.

Another beautiful lilac bar, with a solid layered bottom, and two-tone swirled layer on top. This would be fairly easy to do:

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The same but different way of displaying the lilac scent. A layer on the bottom then a mottle look on the top, in a pastel color:

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Is there a Lilac Essential Oil?

Technically, no. You could make homemade lilac soap with a ‘distillation’. There is some oil in the lilac flowers but the processing ends up eliminating the scent. So if some soap maker says they are using a lilac essential oil – they are lying. The process of getting this scent in a natural form for its numerous therapeutic reasons, is as follows:

  • gather a bunch of fresh lilac flowers
  • line a bowl with a cheesecloth and add the flowers on top
  • add water, about 2 cups, making sure all the blossoms are submerged and cover and let sit overnight
  • the next day, gather the cheesecloth and tie tightly with a string with the flowers inside
  • take that water, put in a pot to boil, add the cheesecloth full of flowers, and it lightly boil for an hour, then cool
  • pour into your own bottle, add a few drops of glycerin and shake – you now have distilled lilac oil

Want to plant a lilac tree? Some good gardening info here.

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