patchouli soap

.You can make patchouli soap all natural, or not.  Patchouli is a love it or hate it type of scent. I love it! It is a unique scent that is earthy and not overly floral or medicinal smelling. I make a special blend of carrier oils and essential oils in a facial oil that people compliment me on, saying how great it smells. That blend is of patchouli, rose or rose geranium, and vanilla.

In the world of essential oils and fragrance oils, quite often you can tell the difference between natural and synthetic. Synthetics are made for every scent, especially the expensive ones. The patchouli fragrance I had used was almost identical to the real stuff.  Yet the fragrance oil was thinner than the real patchouli, which can almost be syrup-like.

Price wise, patchouli essential oil can run about $45 for 3 ounces, whereas the fragrance oil can be $11 for same 3 ounces. For the following recipe you will need 3 T of scent (1.5 ounces), to make approximately 24 bars. So the math would be $1.87 in just the essential oil scent cost for each bar, and the fragrance cost per bar would be $0.49. Big Difference!

make patchouli soap recipe:

Basic #1 with Olive, and Coconut oils (no palm oils):

  • 51.2 oz of Olive oil or a Canola/Olive blend
  • 12.8 oz of coconut oil
  • 23.4 oz water
  • 8.7 lye crystals
  • for the scent:
  • 3 T of either the patchouli essential oil or fragrance oil (I used to go 1/4 essential oil and 3/4 essential oil, to cut costs)
  • for coloring:
  • your imagination on this one, the base color is more of a tan due to the color of the scents, and I used to have a purple and blue swirl in the center of the bar.

An untinted bar would have the color of the image below, as both the essential oil and the fragrance oil have a medium brown color:


Here’s a great example of a hippy themed patchouli bar using pastel shades of colorants:


Maybe a little extra pizazz where this bar has a great imbedded logo, tinted with purple swirls, and has a sprinkling of purple glitter on top:


Or bright and bold, catch people’s attention with this beautiful bar, and the hippy-ish purple is used for this design.

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People that make patchouli soap often like Sandalwood as well,  often considered in the same hippie or earthy scent group, get a sandalwood soap recipe here.

Get more information on patchouli here at the doTerra website.
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