make soap with leftover soap

Lots of very pretty options, PLUS being environmentally conscious. You can make soap with leftover soap in two ways. First is simply adding grated, diced or sliced soap bits to a new batch of soap base. Second is to grate up soap slivers and bits and melt down with some water and scent.

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left over soap pieces can make very pretty new soap bars

Using the following basic recipe, you can make any scent of soap, and you can divide that recipe by 2 or 4 to make smaller batches. When I first made a batch of soap reusing the pieces we had at the store, I hadn’t allotted for the volume that the pieces would add to the existing recipe. The recipe below will make about 95 oz of soap, or 25 bars, and if your mold holds a maximum of 120 oz but you’ve added 60 oz of soap bits, your mold will over flow.

Basic #2 with Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oil:

  • 51.2 oz Olive oil or a canola/olive blend (other base recipes here)
  • 6.2 oz Coconut oil
  • 6.2 oz Palm oil
  • 23.4 oz water
  • 8.6 oz lye crystals
  • for a total 95.6 oz of soap base
  • scent:
  • which you select, consider your soap color so it somewhat matches
  • colorant:
  • your choice to be totally creative
  • other:
  • your soap bits, maybe grated, maybe diced, maybe both
  • keep reading, more examples and store recipes below

This is the very old fashioned way of making soap – into balls. Simply pick up the thick soap base, WITH GLOVES, and smooth into nice hand sized balls:

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I like the look of this bar. They have chose to make a new base and tint it darker than the cubed bits (ps, fyi, not so sure it is all 100% natural with that color of pink):easy soap making recipes, free soap making recipes, make your won soap recipes, homemade soaps recipes, make soap home easy,


Another creative method to make soap with leftover soap. A new base is made with various tinted cubes of soap, plus grated soap on top: make soap recipes, natural soap recipes, easy soap recipes, handmade soap recipes, easy homemade soap recipes

You can make soap with leftover soap and match your scent to the color of the scraps and bits you have. I used to separate my soap trimmings into color themes such  as pastels and earthy shades.

#1 – Mulberry Soap Recipe link, this an orange, cinnamon and berry scented soap. You could use an untinted base, and add orange, red, pink, blue and/or purple bits.

#2 – Confetti soap recipe: I made this a white bar with pastel colored bits, trying to resemble confetti. Similar to the image below which looks very pretty. I also thought this bar should have a fun scent, which would probably be a fragrance oil, because those can be funner than essential oils, lol.

  • using the recipe above
  • add approximately 15 oz weighted soap bits
  • I had used:
  • 1 T citrus blend FO
  • 1/2 T mango-papaya FO
  • 1 T 5-fold Orange EO
  • 1/2 T Lemongrass EO

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Another beautiful bar, with a new base of teal tinted soap and grated multi-colored bits. Use any scent you like, if using fragrance oils, this would be good with a cotton candy scent, or maybe a berry blend:

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#3 – Earthy soap recipe: For this one we used all the tan, brown and white soap bits. A splash of one color would be nice too, like green or blue. We named it Earthy, but I think a different name would be better such as Untamed, or Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.

  • using recipe above
  • add approximately 15 oz weighted soap bits
  • 4 T of earthy type FO’s, like Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh, Old Spice, Bay Rum, etc.reuse old soap bars, do soap scraps, recycle soap scraps, recycle used bar soap, recycle used soap bars

#4 – Flower Power soap recipe, using the recipe above

  • add approximately 15 oz weighted soap bits
  • 3 T of assorted flower scents like Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Lilac, etc. but not Lavender – it doesn’t always seem to blend well with others

The colors of the soap bits would probably include any pastels or primary colors, but perhaps not tan, browns, and blacks. The name Flower Power seemed to catch peoples attention, so maybe a little Patchouli is needed too.

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You don’t have to have a new soap base, directions below:

If you have a lot of scraps pieces, bits and bars, you can just grate everything you have and place into a pot with water. On medium low heat, heat up all the pieces till they soften into a dense yet spoon-able new base. Your soap will resemble the mottled appearance of the one in the image below. Don’t stir too fast or bubbles will start. You will need to add water, plus any colors and scents.

When you make soap with leftover soap, and are selling it…..

Perhaps when explaining how you might make soap with leftover soap, I would use the words “trimmings” or “soap ends” or “too small bars”, or similar. This is because people don’t like to be buying ‘used’ or ‘discount’ or ‘scraps’ in their brand new soap. People say they like to reuse and recycle but they don’t want to pay new price for it.¬† Just saying…….

What is milled soap anyways?

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