vanilla soap recipe

You can make vanilla soap  only with a fragrance, as there is no vanilla essential oil. Although soap supply companies go to great lengths to make their synthetic fragrance sound like a true essential oil.  They’ll use terms like “nature identical”.  Most people love the scent of vanilla, and often this scent is added to other scents, such as raspberry, sandalwood, lavender and orange. This bar did sell well at the store and we also made a lotion that was a great seller.

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a very pretty bar that is using the non-discoloring version of vanilla fragrance oil

make vanilla soap:

Basic #1 with Canola/Olive, and Coconut oils (no palm oils):

  • 51.2 oz of Canola/Olive oil blend
  • 12.8 oz of coconut oil
  • 23.4 oz water
  • 8.7 lye crystals
  • for the scent:
  • 5 T vanilla fragrance oil
  • for coloring:
  • none, but read below

The soap image below is showing the vanilla fragrance oil and how it turns brown. At first when you cut it, it will be a light neutral soap base color. As it cures, it browns. Like in the second image below:

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You can make vanilla soap with fragrances that come in 2 different types, one is a non-dis-coloring version that does not turn a dark brown when curing, and the other will cure and leave your soap a dark brown. It is our ideas of what vanilla is, we often picture it white like in ice cream, or brown like the vanilla pods. Your decision may also depend on the scent, as maybe the perfect scent is a dis-coloring version. Also, maybe you plan to mix scents and a dis-coloring brown would not be good with a lavender-vanilla soap.

Here’s a completely different way to make your vanilla soap. This one looks like ice cream, with the 2 white-ish layers and a sprinkling of cocoa powder on top. Nice label too.

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I always wanted to make a Tiger Ice Cream soap, with Vanilla, Orange and a little Anise. Check out the Orange soap recipe (ignore the oatmeal part) and the Anise soap recipe, and the recipe above, and see if you can come up with the right blend of essential oils to make Tiger Ice Cream.

Great article on the vanilla fragrance oil vs vanilla essential oil choices – basically there is no vanilla essential oil, and this article explains why.
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