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This nag champa soap recipe made a soap bar that had a few names, including Deja Vu (my favorite), the 1960’s, Happy Hippie. This scent comes in both fragrance oil and essential oil. This essential oil is about four times the cost of the fragrance oil, yet it is a strong scented oil, meaning that less would be needed in the making of soap. Which plays into calculating costs.

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this soap is colored beautifully!

nothing says ‘hippie’ more than this scented soap

When selling, most soapmakers have a set price for all soaps, like $4 each or 3 for $10 (I sold mine $3.75 each or 3 for $10). Yet the price differences can be varied. I’d rather spend $1 – $2 more on a bar or rose soap scented with rose geranium than spend less on a rose fragrance oil soap. Something to consider if deciding to use more expensive essential oils.

nag champa soap recipe:

  • Basic #2 recipe: (other basic recipes here)
    51.2 oz Olive/Canola blended oils
    6.2 oz coconut oil
    6.2 oz Palm oil
    23.4 oz water
    8.6 oz lye crystals
    for this scented bar, add:
    3 T nag champa fragrance oil
  • colorant:
  • use whatever color may match this scent, mine used to be a tan color with purple and orange swirls

For coloring this bar, it probably doesn’t really need it, as it will be a natural tan color (like image below).  I was hippie-ing this bar and I had a swirl of orange and a swirl of deep purple. Both were 1/2 tsp each and were liquid colorants.

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The nag champa soap recipe scent is floral yet earthy, this allows for a variety of earth tones, like the image below using green tones:

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And this is what the nag champa flower looks like, very pretty!:

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About this essential oil:

The nag champa soap recipe above uses a fragrance oil, but the real essential oil has numerous health benefits. To process, the oils are distilled, pressed or extracted from different parts of the plant leaves, flowers, bark, berries, root, needles, seeds, beans, peel, cones, wood, stalks etc. These aromatic compounds can have many practical and therapeutic properties.  Those being to mask unpleasant odors, helps in relaxation, is an antiseptic, fungicidal and has insect-repelling benefits. Reputed for it skin care abilities with anti-inflammatory qualities, making it useful against acne and eczema.

Wikipedia has good unbiased, unspammed, and unadvertised info on this awesome essential oil. Notice my wording? I was trying to find a decent article for more information and I had to go through 15 websites to find one that wasn’t selling or wasn’t overloaded with advertisements. We are turning into that Sly Stallone movie where advertising is everywhere!!!

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