design your own soap labels

Figuring out how to design your own soap labels is just another one of those creative processes. Meaning you will love it and hate it, lol.  My advice is to be as simple as possible, yet artistic. Use supplies that are easily accessible. You don’t have to have a computer for labels for yourself and friends, but to sell it, you may look more professional if these are printed labels.

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Label basics:

  • if you go with black ink only then there is no constant running for refill cartridges
  • use 24 lb paper, it is more resistant to bends and tears and moisture from ink
  • laser printers do a better job than ink jet printers
  • your own label can cost you a whole 10 cents each
  • be centered!


Let’s start with the easiest way to design your own soap labels at home on your computer:

There is a video at the bottom of the page that shows how to make a simple and informative, yet artistic and professional soap label like these first three soaps.

This first one may be lacking some information, although a lot of consumers may not pick up on that. Of course the rest of the information could be on the back. Good font size, using a different but complimentary color for the soap name, fairly easy to read font style, no logo:

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This 2nd example shows more information, the bars are cut uniform, and label is centered perfectly. This label has a logo, is using black ink only – that’s good. I would probably make the name of the soap larger, and use bold to make all lettering more readable, but probably because I need reading glasses:

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Good 3rd example of a simple logo, black ink only, centered nicely. Company name and logo to the top, and type of soap on the bottom half. Good labeling system that could be used on all of their products:

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#4 is a nice label, similar in style, but professionally made, plastic type label, with various colors. The opaque look is nice. Plastic-y type labels will be a little harder to fold around the corners, but it still works:

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What about sticky labels?

The first example is one that was done at home on the computer. You can design your own soap labels using sticky labels and your printer. The name of the soap is easy to read, has a nice image, presumably there is another sticker on the back with more info, ie: ingredients and contact info:

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2nd example: I really like this label, but this would be professionally done at a place like Vista Print – whom I’ve used in the past myself. Inexpensive labels, and delivered fast. If you are wanting color labels, with lots of info, this could be the way to go. The constant replacing of color cartridges on a home computer are annoying and expensive. If you crunch your labeling numbers, something like this could work out better:

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This 3rd example would need a laser printer at home the make the following label, and using a sheet of sticky labels that the Avery company makes. This is nice in that customers can see the whole soap, costs are saved with just using black ink, all info is on front of label. You could order a similar label made at a place like Vista Print:

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What about full wrapping labels?

Then there is the all over packaging/label. This professionally made method keeps the bars from getting little damages on them from. This method is often preferred in stores so that the scent isn’t traveling all over and choking up the allergy people. But, customers can’t see how pretty the bar is, can’t smell it really well, and this is what sells a bar:

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The following is a dual type label, with first packaging to cover the bar, then a specific professionally made label attached on top of that. Again, the smaller label could be used at craft shows and markets and as gifts, but then if selling in a health food store, just add a full wrapping to the soap first, then the label.

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What if we scrap the paper or sticker label idea?

Here is a great compromise that saves damage to your bars. The plain brown box keeps the soap undamaged, and with the window, customers can see the color of the soap plus get a better smell too. And still lots of room on the front for the pertinent information. Costs more, and try to make your soaps to fit the pre-made box so you don’t have to order special sized boxes:

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How about to design your own soap labels with no official label?

Embedding your logo and name of soap on a bar is a great idea!  Especially if your market is to the eco-conscious. I’m thinking there are 2 stamps involved, one with the word “Australian” and the other with the soap name. Nice to not have any labels to make or attach or pay for:

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Another great no label idea, just go with what you have. The burlap and flowers look very pretty and would make a great looking gift. In this case lavender flowers are placed on a lavender soap, completing the bar.

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Examples of how to NOT design your own soap labels:

There is a limbic system psychology event happening when we see things, even when are not aware of it. The balance or symmetry is one of items is just one of these factors. If anything is labelled incorrectly (even a mustard bottle), then we somehow deem the contents to be inferior too. Only 175,000 years evolution has inbred this into our brains.

This label is nice enough, but it is not cut leaving the writing centered. The top of the “B” is almost cut off:

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This label is not centered and it is loose:

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This was probably made by the person using it, which is great, but don’t do this for your saleable soaps and other products:

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This label is loose and damaged, and this is the one they picked for the photo op. Also the black lined box for the writing doesn’t quite fit the soap face:

Having said all that, you’ll probably find some spelling and/or grammar errors I’ve made, but that’s okay, just don’t you do it, lol.

Speaking of psychology, this applies to colors too, and my story of how a tinted bar smelled stronger than it’s non-tinted version.

Here is the link to Vista Print, where you can get nice professional labels cheap and easy.

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