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How to line wooden soap mold, and you have to, or your soap will be stuck. There are about 5 options regarding lining or not lining a soap mold, and I’ve tried 3 of them, and stuck with 2 of them. The 2 that you’ll have the best luck with are listed first, but I’ll explain the other methods as well.  The image below is an excellent job of lining a wooden mold:

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The 5 methods on how to line wooden soap mold:

#1. Freezer paper seems to be the liner of choice for most soap makers.

  • pro is that it is somewhat firm, not flimsy like plastic
  • pro is easy to cut and tape
  • pro is it makes nicer corners
  • con is it costs more than plastic
  • con is that it would be covered with wax, probably petroleum, so it’s not that much better than plastic

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#2.  Plastic sheets such as garbage bags. The image below with the plastic sheet it good, EXCEPT that if you take a close look at how the plastic is bunched up in the corners, and that there are fold/warps on the sides. The soap that touches those corners will have the same bunched-up-plastic imprint on it, basically those end pieces it will be a waste. Those lines or folds on the sides will show up on your soap too. The end pieces of a soap log are generally not sellable at full price anyways, but no need to create more waste than necessary.

  • pro is that it is way cheaper than freezer paper
  • pro is that is it easier to find in any grocery store
  • pro is that it’s flimsy, can be easier to maneuver
  • con is that it’s flimsy, moves too easy
  • con is that it would be difficult to do the fancy cutting and placing like in the freezer paper

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#3. Grocery bag  plastic, don’t bother.

  • pro, there isn’t one, other than grocery bags are free
  • con, they don’t react well with the caustic soap base, the plastic degrades and becomes breakable

#4.  Wax paper, again, don’t bother, trust me.

  • pro is it’s cheaper and easy to find
  • pro is it’s easy to place in mold
  • con is that you get to pick all the little pieces of your soap that tear and stick.

#5. Silicone.

  • pro is that you don’t need to line it with anything
  • pro is that there won’t be any mold seams or such to mark your soap
  • pro is you can just place upside down and press a little to expel from mold
  • con is that you have to buy special molds to get this

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Get some great info here on 8 different types of soap molds here, from homemade to expensive wooden ones.

Still wondering about hot to line wooden soap mold, this kitchen site will tell you the difference between freezer paper and wax paper.

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